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Insurance for Your College Age Child

When your college-age child goes away to school, you both must deal with an entirely new set of financial concerns. It isn’t easy to make sure savings, loans, grants and scholarships provide your child with enough money to live comfortably and still afford classes, books and school supplies. And on top of that, you also need to make sure that your child’s health and financial future are protected with the right kind of insurance policies.

If you aren’t sure where to start in evaluating your child’s need for insurance or how to structure their policies, take a look at these tips.

  • Renters Insurance

Whether your child is going to live in a dorm or in an apartment off-campus, there’s a good chance he will need renters insurance to protect him from loss of property or liabilities-or both. Students who live at home still enjoy coverage under their parent’s home insurance policy.

Dorms do not reimburse students if their property is stolen or damaged in an insurable incident unless the loss or damage was somehow due to college negligence. The same is true for off-campus apartment living. A renters insurance policy will offer your child financial reimbursement for the loss either on an actual or replacement value basis.

For liabilities, if a guest is injured in your child’s apartment, your child could be sued for medical payments and other damages unless she has a renters insurance policy to cover liabilities. Dorms are slightly different as some colleges cover liabilities for resident students, so it’s a good idea to check with your child’s school to find out whether they are one of the schools that does.

  • Auto Insurance

If your child is going to drive any motorized vehicle while away at school (including a scooter or motorcycle), then he or she needs to have auto insurance with coverage levels at least at state mandated minimums. In a best case scenario, since college students have less driving experience and more risk than older drivers, they will have more insurance than the state requires.

If your child’s main residence is your home then your state may allow you to keep him or her on your policy. If not, you may be required to get a policy in your child’s name. Auto insurance companies have many ways of evaluating risk and assigning rates, and the primary address of the driver can contribute to these determinations.

  • Life Insurance

While not required, life insurance is an important coverage to have for your college-age child. In the unfortunate event of death, a life insurance policy can help you get all your child’s financial affairs in order without creating more struggles within your own financial situation. But beyond that, getting a life insurance policy for a college student allows you to lock in the low-rates afforded to the young so that your child can continue paying those rates for life-or at least as long as the term of the policy.

Additionally, if you buy a whole (or permanent) policy, your child’s policy will accrue cash values that they can take loans out of in the future. It’s really a great way to help your child get started on the right financial foot.

  • Health Insurance

No matter how young and invincible a college student thinks he is, health insurance coverage is one of the most important forms of insurance for them to carry and in some cases, one that the school will require. Living in a communal environment like a college dorm or apartment with roommates, exposes your child to many different germs, bacteria and viruses that they may not have built up a tolerance to. The student may end up needing more medical care for common illnesses than they have in the past, and without insurance these expenses can really add up.

College students under age 26 can remain on their parent’s plan even when they don’t live at home, but depending on where they go to school, they may have trouble finding caregivers and facilities that are in-network. An individual insurance policy with an insurer that has providers in the area of the college may be a better choice.

There is never a good time to be without adequate insurance coverage. But as a young adult just getting a taste of freedom and independence, the financial hole that being uninsured can dig sets a dangerous precedent for their future, and one that is easily avoided.

Ingenious College Student Success Method Part I

“Those who succeed in preparing,

will also succeed in what they’re preparing for. “

If you were to look up college student success tips right now, you would find topics such as good studying habits, writing skills, taking care of your body by getting some sleep and eating well, etc, and things of that nature. As wonderful and beneficial as those topics are, on its lonesome, it is not enough to carry the average college student successfully over the top. The G-Way Method is an evolution of college and success which has proven to be the answer to any and every question a college student may have. It is an ingenious, four concept preparation game plan which enables you to ‘score high’ every play. Many people will claim that great test taking, writing skills, and study habits are the keys to college student success. This is true to an extent.

You can be the greatest test taker, the greatest writer, and study your rear end off until your brain explodes, but if you’re not efficiently prepared for the course and its corresponding materials, chances are you will be stressed and struggling nonetheless. That’s why when you ask a college student how they’re doing in college, many times you will hear the same response of “Man I’m just trying to pass these classes”. The truth is that effective preparation is the true door to obtaining any degree easily with minimal stress, and the four strategies of the G-Way method are the keys to this door. What’s even more special is the fact that just one of these strategies can significantly help any and every student achieve all their educational goals and then some.

All four of these college student success strategies combined also prove to be an unstoppable force for students who implement them. For this reason, the G-Way Method has been proclaimed to be the greatest gift for students on how to use college for success since the internet itself!

For this reason, the G-Way Method has completely redefined the road to college and success. Are you ready for the 4 g’s? OK here we go.

The four crucial G-Way strategies to your success in college are:
1. Get the Rating
2. G-Take Classes
3. Group Major Friends
4. Grow After Know

Get the Rating

With the advent of the importance of the internet, especially with college students, many websites have been created to assist the collegiate industry. There are tons of websites which each serve various purposes for the soul purpose of making the journey to our degrees easier. One of most beneficial websites I’ve found in terms of utilizing effective preparation is ratemyprofessor.com. This and other related sites, which give information on professors and their relative courses, are extremely effective in respects to your college success. What better way to know if an expected professor is easy, strict, friendly, arrogant, gorgeous, ugly, handsome, bald, old, young, helpful, mean, etc, than to go on the internet and see what other students such as yourself say about that particular professor and course.

The key is to Get the Rating. Don’t make college hard for yourself. Take some time to go through these ratings and descriptions and pick the professor of your choosing. Many students register for classes, unaware that they signed up with Professor Dark Vader, when they had an option of choosing Professor Barney for the same course. Do your research on your professors. Know how they teach before they teach you. If Professor Dark Vader is the only option, at least with sufficient research on his/her teaching styles, etc, you will be able to attend class prepared with your light saber.

Another reason these ratings are important is because of who is actually giving the ratings. In respects to the description of a professor, the opinions of college students will far differ from those of other professors and academic advisers. With all due respect, 99% of the time, the opinions of our peers will prove to be more beneficial. Use these opinions and advice to your advantage. Keep this next quote in mind if you’re still contemplating on whether or not to take advantage of these free, little time consuming resources.

“If you fail to prepare for the individual who can fail you,

you’re preparing to be failed by that individual.”

Be sure to check out part two immediately as the second ingenious strategy to the G-Way Method will be introduced to you. If you are aiming to get straight A’s without studying hard at all, and basically make college an easier and more pleasurable venture, then G-Taking classes is definitely something you will want to consider. I wish you the best of college student success, happiness, and prosperity.